For this project, I designed a dynamic website aimed at engaging and educating visitors about the conservation of the gray wolf, an iconic predator of the Pacific Northwest. 

Through captivating visuals, seamless animation, and interactive elements, users are immersed in the world of wolf conservation.​​​​​​​
From stunning imagery of the wilderness to interactive charts tracking the wolf's life cycle, the website offers a rich multimedia experience. 
Engaging content, including infographics and timelines, encourages visitors to explore and learn about the challenges facing gray wolf populations and the efforts to protect them.
Throughout the development phase, I prioritized user feedback and iterative testing to refine the website's functionality and usability continually. 

By incorporating insights from usability testing, I was able to fine-tune the interface and optimize user engagement.

Finally, I implemented robust analytics and tracking tools to monitor user behavior and measure the effectiveness of the website's design. ​​​​​​​

This data-driven approach allowed me to identify areas for improvement and iterate on the design to enhance performance continually. ◆
Supplementary Work
To pair with my informational website, I created an infographic detailing the most prominent endangered predators in the Pacific Northwest to illustrate a narrative of their resilience in response to environmental factors such as pollution and natural disasters.
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