Glam Collab is a networking event that facilitates collaboration between Portland State University Graphic Design (PSUGD) students and Portland Beauty School (PBS) students. 
      To create a recognizable and appealing visual identity for this event and establish a recurring series that grows over time, I designed unique visual branding that appeals to creative minds from both schools. 

      From the bold and edgy primary mark, to the badge logo, down to the playful tertiary mark, each adds depth and character to Glam Collab’s overall brand.
      A modern checkerboard pattern features beauty and design-related items, which can be repurposed across many different assets.
      Glam Collab’s imagery draws inspiration from vintage beauty archives, featuring diverse stylists and clientele collaborating as early as the 1950s.
      Glam Collab's brand uses calculated experiments with type, color, and photos.
      These elements work together to stand out on crowded social media feeds and appeal to creative users.
      Glam Collab's website allows participants from both schools to sign up for the event. 
      The website also includes a quick summary of Glam Collab and a calendar of upcoming events. An iteration of the checkerboard pattern is utilized to create a functional web form.

      Glam Collab's posters blend elements of beauty and design to set the tone for the event.
Finally, cool merch! 
      The following items will be given out to Glam Collab attendees. 
Not only are they luxe, but they’re also practical.
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