In 2023, I worked with Portland Lesbian Choir, an inclusive institution since 1986, to revive their live concert brand.
When creating a printed program booklet for the Portland Lesbian Choir’s winter concert Be a Light, I challenged myself to illustrate the concert’s theme of finding hope and resilience in challenging times through photography and typography.
From the detailed concert schedule to the heartfelt messages from the choir members, the booklet not only served as a guide but also as a keepsake that encapsulated the transformative power of music and the spirit of unity.
By strategically leveraging various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I designed and orchestrated a social campaign for PLC that generated significant buzz and engagement. 
I effectively utilized visually appealing content, including captivating images and video snippets showcasing the choir's passionate performances. 
The campaign's consistent messaging, coupled with targeted advertisements, resulted in a 60% increase in ticket sales and attendance. 
Overall, the campaign for Be a Light succeeded in creating a vibrant online community, and ensuring the concert was a resounding success. ◆
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